The exhibition in the Bovbjerg’s lighthouse was a group show with local artists.
I had previously researched their local historical archive in the hope of finding stories from and about the women of the area. My desire was to be able to establish and research that knowledge as part of their permanent historical collection and exhibition.
The absence of documents relating to the women of Bovbjerg provided a clear experience of their outline, or rather the shadow fields this missing knowledge constituted: the women were present in the archive by virtue of their absence. I became preoccupied with collecting this absence as a form of testimony.
Where does knowledge exist and how can it be deposited when it is not visible?
The steep dunes around Bovbjerg show a cross-section through the land and reveal the state of things over millennia, if one is able to read it.

Photo of article from alt for damerne. Alt for damerne visits the lighthouse to find out what is to go with so far out in the vest of Denmark. (alt for damerne a woman’s magasin

Materials: blues from the Saale ice age, 188,000-128,000 years before now. Ice stream from the Southeast. The hill islands are remnants from this ice age, Fjaltring is located on such a hill island. Moraine beds from this glaciation are only visible in a few places in the Bovbjerg profile, e.g. the middle hills D and F, i.e. in the middle part of the cliff below Bovbjerg Lighthouse. Mirrors, driftwood and black pigment.

“The forgotten women sing with the wind, they give voice to the stories no one knows anymore but nonetheless exist. When the light falls on them they wink at you, reminding you they are here.”

Describing the function of wind chimes and an overwritten occasion song from the lighthouse on selfmade paper

Budbringer / Courier
watercolor, mussels

Candyfloss og fæstningsværker/ Candyfloss and fortifications
copper etching

Wind chime
birch wicker, carving branch

Margrete skål / Margrete’s bowl
plastic mouldin