Records from a rabbit hole / Optegnelser fra et kanin hul

Installation in the ping pong basement at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, 2018

Skærmbillede 2018-10-06 kl. 01.18_edited
Installation in the ping pong basement, brushed granite floor with stone balm to highlight fossils in the floor, 2018. 30 m2

Helvig Kinch and Marie Henriques co-founding the women's art society in 1916. A4 photo of model class, Copenhagen Academy of Arts 1903/04. The women's studio was located upstairs under the ceiling of Charlottenborg.

Pre-1930 stair stone, found during excavation for the bank of Nordea Bank headquarters, marked by chisel and traces of use from before 1930.

Private photo of quarry site and excavation at Nordea Bank headquarters. Amager, Copenhagen. A4 print.

Amager before excavation for Nordea Bank headquarters, 1943. Photocopy, Copenhagen State Archive. A4 print.

Map of Amager West, 1906. Photocopy from local archive. A4 print.

Pedestal. 500 bvt. Found at the excavation of the Temple of Athens, now in the Danish National Museum. Private photo from the Danish National Museum. A4 print.

Rhodes expedition and excavation, Temple of Athens. Artist Helvig Agnete Kinch and Karl Frederik Kinch. Photocopy from the antique collection of the Danish National Museum. A4 print.

Temple of Athens before excavation 1902-1914. Photocopy from the Danish National Museum. A4 print.

Map of Lindos, Rhodes, 1905. Photocopy from the Danish National Museum. A4 Print.

Club Sundays table leg, wicker basket in hanging birch

Layer cake house / Lagkagehus
Forssiler guide dot in the floor marks the fossil In the floor.

Pocket choreography
pencil drawing

The mother fucking world
pencil drawing

Backyard entertainer
pencil drawing

Trust falls
pencil drawing

Open office
Pencils drawing